TEOREMA Revista internacional de filosofía – Vol. XXXVII/2/Spring 2018

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TEOREMA Revista internacional de filosofía – Vol. XXXVII/2/Spring 2018

Índice/Table of Contents

2017 teorema Essay Prize for Young Scholars

M. Da Silva, Robbery, Pragmatic Encroachment, and the Knowledge
Norm of Action


C. J. Feldbacher-Escamilla, Knowledge First and Rational Action

J. Gimeno-Simó, Locating Oneself in Imagination: First-Person
Indexicals and Context-Shifting

A. Wajnerman Paz, Emotion Regulation and Goal-Directedness

Simposio sobre el libro/Book Symposium

Rik Peels, Responsible Belief: A Theory in Ethics and Epistemology

R. Peels, Resumen: La importancia y las complejidades de creer responsablemente/Précis: The Importance and Complexities of believing responsibly

C. Kulp, On Peels on Doxastic Responsibility

N. Levy, Believing in Compatibilism

B. Rossi, Differential Derivative Responsibility: A Reply to Peels

S. C. Goldberg, Critical Review: Peels on Doxastic Responsibility and
Responsible Belief

R. Peels, The Influence View on Responsible Belief: Reply to Kulp, Levy, Rossi and Goldberg

Nota crítica/Critical Notice

D. Pineda, Los deseos siguen siendo motivaciones
(F. Lauria and J. A. Deona (Eds.), The Nature of Desire

Revista de libros/Book Review

J. Smith, Experiencing Phenomenology: An Introduction
by D. Quesada

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